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Jewelry Making Course
Beginners and Advanced Courses

The ancient craft of jewellery making can be inspiring, creative and satisfying. With a little support, anyone can learn to make beautiful jewellery. One of the things I like best in life, is to share my professional passion for jewellery making with others. Students will learn to make their own jewellery during pleasant and instructive classes.


My studio is situated in the beautiful district Duinoord in The Hague, close to the 'Gemeente- museum'.


Places on all courses are limited to no more than five persons, allowing for as much one-to-one tutor support and guidance as required. Every student has a working place of their own, and will get disposition of professional craft tools.


During the classes students will learn all professional basic techniques, such as the making of a design, metal sawing. soldering, filing, sand- papering, polishing. and finishing.

For the first pieces of jewellery, we always use basic metals such as copper, brass and alpacca. Once the basic techniques have been mastered, it is time to use more advanced techniques and work with more advanced designs. By that time, students are free to start working with silver as precious metal.


I encourage students to be ceative and work with personal designs. If necessary, I will be available to assist. To get inspired, I also have plenty of literature available.


The courses are given on a weekly basis on the following days:


  Morning Evening
Monday 10:00 - 13:00 20:00 - 22:00
Tuesday   20:00 - 22:00
Wednesday 10:00 - 13:00  


Every morning course is built of 15 classes of three hours, The evening course has 15 classes of two hours.


The courses start every year in the beginning of January and September. During the school holidays there will be no classes.


Course Price:
€280,- Morning Course (3 hour classes),
€240,- Evening Course (2 hour classes).


In the course price the use of craft tools available in my studio, is included. I make sure there is plenty of coffee and tea for free. However, materials such as the metals we use, saws blades, solder, sand paper are not included in the price.


Do you want to attend a course or would you like more information? Please contact me per phone or email.